What Are You Working On?

What are you working on? Make time for the things that get you excited.

Facebook Fan Page and @bootstraplife Twitter

I just thought I should let you all know that I’ve made a Facebook Fan Page to collect all my best professional writing, including my work at MakeUseOf, NetSavoir, Vegemite Croissant, Bootstrap Your Life and more. Please feel free to “like” the Facebook Fan Page in order to keep updated. If Twitter is more your […]


Party planning made easy – How to be a great host without even trying

Some people panic at the idea of hosting a party or having guests over to stay. Worse still, some people don’t put in any effort at all and think they’re doing a great job. Even more infuriatingly, some of those people (supposedly not putting in any effort at all) are actually the best hosts ever. […]

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